Personalised services at highly competitive prices

At Cameron Coring, we carry out safe Diamond Drilling services creating little disturbance. 

We are a Diamond Drilling contractor who offers personalised services at highly competitive prices. Our experience will aid in achieving a smooth and efficient job. We are experienced and articulate in our work, and always provide our customers with a job completed to the highest standard.
Our services are available in Dundee, Angus, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and the nearby areas as well as further afield.

Diamond Core Drilling Explained

A core drill is a drill specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material, much like a hole saw. The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core. Core drills are used for many applications, either where the core needs to be preserved, or where drilling can be done more rapidly since much less material needs to be removed than with a standard bit. This is the reason that diamond-tipped core drills are commonly used in construction to create holes for pipes, manholes, and other large-diameter penetrations in concrete or stone.
Whether you are looking for drilling services for concrete, stone, granite, brick or any other hard surface, Cameron Coring can provide you with quick and clean services. We have been serving many home-owners, electricians, plumbers, pipe fitters, ground workers and landlords with our quality drilling services. We use up to date and cutting-edge diamond drilling equipment to provide high-quality services to our clients.

Concrete Breaking

The nature of concrete is that it is very strong and in most cases reinforced. The old ways of removing concrete would involve many man hours operating a heavy breaker/jackhammer. However we at Cameron Coring incorporate sawing and stitch drilling to reduce H.A.V.S (hand arm vibration) we use the most up to date equipment with anti vibration. This allows our operators to work with less heavy body impact and peace of mind. We also have added a meter attached to equipment to allow monitoring of trigger time and daily points. This series of implements allows jobs to be done safely and effectively.

Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond Core Drilling is our most popular service. Diamond tipped Cores are used to penetrate concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, granite, brick or block, to create an opening into or through the material. Holes are mainly created for Boiler flu’s, extractor fans, waste pipes or utility services. We provide these services to a range of different customers. Diameters we currently core between can be from 16mm up to 500mm, however should you require larger openings, please contact us to discuss.  If you have any further queries regarding this service, we would be happy to assist with this.

Stitch Drilling

Stitch Drilling can be used to create large openings and slots in walls or in floors particularly so in areas where access is difficult or restricted. Stitch drilling uses a series of overlapping core holes to create the opening required. It is often used when other drilling methods won’t achieve the required outcome